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Our Cuisine

On the plate, in the world'

Our Cuisine

Our philosophy in the kitchen is based on a dynamic tradition: a tradition that reworks and reassembles elements, progressing on a track of research and enhancement of the territory, its products and its food culture. An authentic research, attentive to the seasonality of the products, which, in the course of time, has led us to cooperate with people and realities working to preserve the genuineness of the products. Beside the traditional and local enthusiasm upon which we have formed the basis of our cooking, the echos of ingredients and scents from the world often come to be part of our dishes, extending the tradition, enriching its palette of flavors.

Our identity, indeed, is the one of artisans, not traders, who reinterpret the tradition through the experience and their own hands.

Quality and experience: for over a decade, these features have made us rated in the best wine and food guides and, recently, in the most authoritative blogs on food.