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The Restaurant

Everything as it was and will be'

The Restaurant

The Old Sora Maria and Arcangelo's Restaurant was born in the context of Olevano Romano as redevelopment of old barns. 

Interventions over the years have always been executed with the ambition to preserve the original context elements actively, as you can see from the genuine earthen brick vaults of the main hall, the irregular floor made also of earthen tiles, or even from the tuff rocks that assemble the walls.

Paintings and lithographs by various Danish and German artists of the 19th century discretely hang on the walls of the restaurant, as witnesses of the red thread that tied our territories to the bright artistic experiences of the Grand Tour in Italy.

The partition of the restaurant in several rooms gives the possibility to gather at the table for any occasion: beyond the main hall, other environments offer the opportunity to spend some quality time with our cuisine in a warm and quiet atmosphere, even for banquets from 12 to 18 people.